Name Title Research Direction Email
Chen Jing Professor Geomorphological evolution of estuaries and coasts
Sediment tracing of river-coast-shelf
Chen Jiyu Academician , Professor Estuarine and Coastal Research
Chen Qiqing Professor Marine Conservation
Environmental toxicology
Chen Qingqiang Professor Marine Sedimentology
Environmental Geochemistry & Biogeochemistry
Chen Shenliang Professor Coastal Morphodynamics;
Delta Erosion and Vulnerability
Chen Xuechu Professor Wetland Ecology
Cheng Heqin Professor Estuarine and Coastal Dynamic Sedimentation
Engineered Morphodynamics and Environment
ntegrated Coastal Management
Zhi-jun Dai Professor Estuarine and Coastal Morphodynamics
Coastal and Deltaic biomorphodynamics
Riverine and estuarine hydrology
Coastal disaster and risk
Ding Pingxing Professor Coastal Dynamics and Numerical Modeling
Sediment Transport by Waves and Currents
Dong Hongpo Professor
Du Jinzhou Professor Oceanography of Isotopes
Environmental Radiochemistry
Feng, Zhixuan Professor Marine ecosystem dynamics
Polar Oceanography
Estuarine and coastal environments
Gao Lei Professor Chemical Oceanography and Marine Biogeochemistry
Ge Jianzhong Professor Estuarine and Coastal Dynamics
Sedimentary Dynamics
Ge Zhenming Professor Climate Change & Ecosystem Carbon/water process
Wetland Ecology
Gi Hoon Hong Professor Low temperature geochemistry
Environmental radioactivity
Science based international marine
environment protection policy formulation
Guo Leicheng Professor Tidal wave dynamics
Fine sediment transport dynamics
Estuarine & deltaic morphodynamics
He Qing Professor Estuarine and Coastal Hydrodynamics & Sediment Dyn
Hou Lijun Professor Nitrogen Cycle in Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystems
JianJun Jia Professor Estuarine and coastal sediment dynamics and morpho
Techniques supporting marine spatial resources man
Jiang Xiaodong Professor 浮游动物适应与进化
Jiang Shan Professor
Li Chao Professor 发育生物学
Li Daoji Professor Biological Oceanography
Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystem
Marine Environmental Science
Marine Biogeochemical Cycle
Li Maotian Professor 自然地理学
Li Xiaofei Professor
Li Xiuzhen Professor Landscape Ecology
Wetlands Ecology
Liu Dongyan Professor Marine Algae Ecology
Liu Guangpeng Professor Numerical Modeling and Data Assimilation
Ocean Multi-Scale Dynamics
Machine Learning Application in Oceanography
Liu Shihao Professor Marine geology & geophysics
High-resolution sequence stratigraphy
PENG, Zhong Professor Wave Dynamics
Ecosystem-based Coastal Defence
Coastal Hazard Mitigation
Shen Fang Professor Remote Sensing of Coast Color / Water quality
Integrated Applications of RS and GIS
Shi Huahong Professor Environmental science
Sun Qianli Professor, Professor
WANG, Ya Ping Professor Marine sediment dynamics
Observation and simulation of dynamic processes
Wang Qun Professor 甲壳动物分子生物学
Wang Zhanghua Professor Sedimentary and Morphological Evolution of Estuary
Wu Hui Professor Estuarine and Coastal dynamics
Wu Ying Professor Marine Organic Geochemistry
Xia Jianyang Professor 全球变化生态学
Ya Miaolei Professor
Yang Jialong Professor 鱼类免疫学
Yang Yi Professor 新型有机污染物研究
Yuan Lin Professor Wetland ecology
Zhang Fenfen Professor Marine Biogeochemity
Zhang Jicai Professor Physical Oceanography
Ocean Modelling and Parameter Estimation
Ocean Dynamics
Zhang Jing Academician , Professor Biogeochemistry and Chemical Oceanography
Zhang Weiguo Professor Environmental Magnetism
Environmental Change
Environmental Pollution
Zhao Yinsong Professor
Zhao Ning Professor, Professor Paleoceanography
Zhao Yunlong Professor 水生动物发育生物学
Zhou Xuhui Professor Global change ecology
Ecosystem ecology
Zhou Yunxuan Professor Physical Geography
Zhu Jianrong Professor Estuarine, Coastal and Ocean Dynamics
Estuarine, Coastal and Ocean Model
Cao Fang Associate Professor Remote sensing of aquatic environments
Chemical oceanography
Guo Xingpan Associate Professor
Deng Bing Associate Professor Sedimentology & Sedimentary Geochemistry
Fang Yin Associate Professor
He Lijun Associate Professor Molecualr Ecology
Animal Ecology
Ying Huang Associate Professor Remote sensing of wetland
Carbon and water cycle in coastal wetlands
Jiang Xuezhong Associate Professor Remote sensing & GIS and its applications
Coastal and estuarine change
Spatial pattern and process of coastal landscape
李贲 Associate Professor
Li Zhanhai Associate Professor Coastal and Estuarine Sediment Dynamics
Yan Liu Associate Professor
Ma Xiaolin Associate Professor
Liang Xia Associate Professor Biogeochemistry
Ecological Remediation
Mei Xuefei Associate Professor
Quan Qi Associate Professor
Tong Chunfu Associate Professor Wetland ecology
systems ecology
Yan Zhongzheng Associate Professor Wetland Plant Ecophysiology
Mangrove Ecotoxicology
Nian Xiaomei Associate Professor Quaternary Geochronology
Shi Benwei Professor Sediment dynamic processes
Tian Bo Associate Professor Coastal Zone Assessment and Remote Sensing
GIS Development and Application
Wang Xianye Associate Professor Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Sediment Dynamics on Estuary and Coast
Wang Yujue Associate Professor
Xu Fan Associate Professor
Xu Jiayi Associate Professor Zooplankton
Marine Ecology
Environmental Science
Xu Yuan Associate Professor Vegetated flow
Sediment transport
River dynamics
Zhang Fan Associate Professor
Tan Kai Associate Professor
Xu Jiang Assistant Professor