Selected International Conferences

Spartina 2019
International Symposium on Spartina alterniflora: Dispersion, Control and Utilization
Shanghai, October 28-31, 2019
Spartina alterniflora is a native species at the Atlantic coast of Americas. It was introduced to Europe and East Asia for coastal protection, and spread to the coast of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. China has the world largest invasion of this species (>55,000 ha in 2014), with the first introduction in 1979. It has been controversial in the last decades due to its positive and negative effects along the coast. Different measures have been taken to eradicate this species with high cost, while utilization ways have also been explored as alternative management strategies. How to make full use of its positive effects and reduce its negative effects remains a question under the background of large scale coastal ecosystem restoration in China. This symposium will provide a forum for scientists from different backgrounds to share their experiences and lessons in working with Spartina, and discuss about future solutions for the dilemma.
  • Dispersion and bio-morphological interactions of S. alterniflora
  • Positive and negative effects of S. alterniflora
  • S. alterniflora community as habitat for wild lives
  • Control strategies of S. alterniflora
  • Utilization of S. alterniflora as bio-resources
Preliminary program:
Monday, Oct. 28: Registration
Tuesday, Oct. 29: Opening/Plenary/Parallel Sessions
Wednesday, Oct. 30: Parallel Sessions/Plenary/Closing
Thursday, Oct. 31: Fieldtrip to the Jiangsu Coast, where Spartina occupies.
Deadline for Abstract submission: August, 31, 2019
Registration fee: USD 100, or CNY 700.
Field Excursion: USD 30, or CNY 200 (including bus transportation and lunch, to the Spartina coast in Jiangsu Province)
Venue: New SKLEC Building, East China Normal University, No. 500, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research
East China Normal University,
No. 500, Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, China