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Nov. 5-8, 2023, Shanghai, China
River deltas are a critical coastal habitat, however, they are facing continuous threats such as increased erosion, flooding risk, and shrinking salt marshes and mangroves. This has become a global problem which requires international cooperation to find solutions. The Mega-Delta Programme was listed as one of the first round of the 65 programs endorsed under the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. It aims to provide solutions to the problems faced by different types of deltas in different regions with different levels of social-economic development. All the deltas are faced with challenges caused by climate change and human activities. Thus, combined efforts from different organizations and multi-disciplines are required to fulfil the task.
The theme of this meeting is “Mega deltas - seeking solutions to the problem of sustainability”, during which, we will discuss about protection and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity; community resilience to ocean hazards; and skills, knowledge and technology for all.
- Coastal hazards: erosion, sedimentation and flooding
- Resources of land and water: quality and quantity
- Wetlands restoration, biodiversity and blue carbon
- Multi-stake holders, capacity building, and potential solutions to challenges
Tentative Program
Tentative program of the meeting:
Nov. 5, Sunday, registration,
Nov. 6, Monday, Plenary session + Yangtze-Mississippi Forum
Nov. 7, Tuesday, Parallel sessions; Discussion.
Nov. 8, Wednesday, Field excursion at the Yangtze Delta.
Key Date
Registration open: 2023/8/15
Abstract submission deadline: 2023/9/30
Registration close (Early bird): 2023/10/15
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By October 15, 2023
After October 15, 2023
2000 Yuan
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One-day Excursion
300 Yuan
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