Degrees and Postdoctors

SKLEC offers postgraduate education in estuarine and coastal research through Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research(IEC), a component of the East China Normal University.

Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research(IEC) provides quality education and scholarly research to students pursuing advanced degrees (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in estuariine and coastal research.SKLEC is committed to equipping future scientists and professionals with the interdisciplinary skills and expertise necessary to address the complex, multifaceted issues facing the world's estuarine and coastal areas.  SKLEC provides a fertile and stimulating learning environment in which students can pursue their studies. This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive program in the basic principles of estuarine and coastal research, and close interaction with faculty actively involved in research issues.


M.Sc. Programs: Physical Geography; Cartography and Geographic Information Systems; Physical Oceanography; Marine Chemistry; Marine Biology; Ecology; Environmental Science; Port Coastal and Offshore Engineering


Ph.D. Programs: Physical Geography; Estuarine and Coastal Science; Ecology; Environmental Science


We are looking for ambitious young students who take the academic challenges and aspire to create the future themselves. We hope you would join us to better equip yourself at the SKLEC with distinguished professors and researchers.

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