Li Xiuzhen

Job Title: 
Research Interests: 
Landscape Ecology
Wetlands Ecology
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS
Zhongshan N. Road 3663,Shanghai 200062, China
Academic Position: 
International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE), Council Chair;
Editorial Position : 
-Ocean and Coastal Management (Associate Editor)
- Ecological Engineering
- Wetlands Ecology and Management
- Chinese Geographical Science
- Journal of Conservation Planning
- Acta Ecologica Sinica
- Chinese Journal of Ecology
Education Experience: 
2000.1 Wageningen UR, the Netherlands, PhD
1998.1 ITC and Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands, MSc
1994.7 Sun Yat-Sen University, MSc
1991.7 Shandong Normal University, BSC
Work Experience: 
2006.12 - SKLEC, East China Normal University, Professor
2006.3-7:Hiroshima University, Japan, Guest professor
2001.8-2006.11:Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS, Professor
1994.7-2001.7:Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS, Research scientist
As PI:
2013-2016, Spatial-temporal distribution and influencing factors for Carbon and Nitrogen sequestration at the Yangtze Estuary, NSFC
2010-2012‚Purification function and mechanisms of ecological floating treatment wetlands for eutrophicated water, SKLEC
2008-2010,Bi-directional salt marsh ecosystem evolution at the Yangtze Estuary, Ministry of Education
2008-2010,The effect of reclamation time on landscape structure and functions at the Yangtze Estuary, Ministry of Education
2008-2009,Water quality change and regualation strategies at the Yangtze Estuary, SKLEC
2007-2009,Responses of permanent frozen soil wetlands to climate change at the Northern Great Hing’an Mountains, NSFC
2003-2005,Landscape ecological research on the restoration process of the burned blanks at the Northern Great Hing’an Mountains, NSFC
2001-2003,Spatial regulation for the regional development and ecological protection at the Liaohe Delta
As major participant:
2015-2018,Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Comprehensive Regulation Strategies for Typical Islands, SOA.
2010-2014‚Responses of Typical Chinese Coastal System to Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessment, MoST
2013-2015,Wetlands Evolution and Response to the Ecological Control Project of East Chongming Headland, STCSM
2010-2012‚Carbon sequestration function monitoring and assessment for the Jiuduan Shoal, Shanghai, STCSM
2008-2017,Sustainable Water Resource Management at Estuarine and Coastal Regions, MoE
2008-2012,Response of large river-estuary system ecology and landform transformation to human activities, MoST
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