Anthropocene Coasts

The new international open access academic journal, Anthropocene Coasts, is jointly developed and co-owned by East China Normal University and Canadian Science Publishing. Anthropocene Coasts aims to become an international high-level publication focusing on coastal zone issues.
Prof. Dr. Shu Gao, a Yangtze River Scholar and the Director of the State Key Laboratory for Estuarine and Coastal Research, and Prof. Ian Townend, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, are the Co-Editors of Anthropocene Coasts. As the Founding Co-Editor, Prof. Dr. Shu Gao has also served as a Co-Editor-in-Chief of Marine Geology, as well as Associate Editor and Board Member on several other journals, including Continental Shelf Research, Marine Geology, China Ocean Engineering, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, and the Chinese Journal of Limnology and Oceanography.
Anthropocene Coasts is concerned with multidisciplinary studies on the regime shift in response to concentrated human activities in the world estuarine and coastal regions, with the background of climate change. The manuscripts submitted to the journal are anticipated to report high quality data sets concerned with new domains of physical, chemical, biological and anthropogenic processes, to develop new observation/monitoring and modeling/ simulation techniques. Research topics with a potential for engineering/social applications are also encouraged, such as coastal environmental evolution in relation to intensified human influences, the dynamics of ecosystem products and services, coastal infrastructure safety, coastal urban development and its consequences, changes in hazard patterns, the impact of legal and policy frameworks and case studies on coastal sustainability. 
Anthropocene Coasts is waiving article processing charges until December 31, 2020.
Place of publication: Canada
ISSN: 2561-2561
Sponsor: East China Normal University, Canadian Science Publishing