Yuan Lin

Job Title: 
Research Interests: 
Wetland ecology
Climate change effects on coastal ecosystem
coastal zone management
Zhongshan N. Road 3663,Shanghai 200062, China
Work Experience: 
12/2011 - Present: Associate Professor at the State Key Lab. of Estuarine & Coastal Research, East China Normal University. Research field: Plant Ecology, Wetland Ecology.
11/2009 - 12/2011: Assistant Professor at the State Key Lab. of Estuarine & Coastal Research, East China Normal University. Research field: Plant Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Landscape Ecology.
07/2007 - 11/2009: Post-Doctor Researcher at the State Key Lab. of Estuarine & Coastal Research, East China Normal University. Research field: Ecological Restoration, Remote Sense Technology.
Academic Exchange: 
10/2011: Visiting at The Nature Conservancy, US. Academic communication: Responses of Coastal System to Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessment.
03/2011: Visiting at Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Delft University and Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente, Netherlands. Academic communication: Estuarine ecosystem and resource protection.
09/2008 - 10/2008: Visiting Scholar at Queen’s University, Canada. Academic communication: Water Resource Management.

Academic and Research Experience:

2010-2014. Vulnerability assessment and coping strategy of coastal system to climate change (Global Change Scientific Research Program of China, Chinese Ministry of Science and technology), as participant.

2011-2014. Comprehensive carrying capacity assessment of long and narrow bay in the East China Sea (National Ocean Service), as a Responsible person.

2011-2012. 2nd wetland resource investigation in Shanghai, China (Shanghai Forestry Bureau), as a Responsible person for botany and vegetation investigation.

2010-2012. Remote sense monitoring and information deduce of submerged vegetation based on hyperspectral technology (National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China), as a Responsible person.

2008-2011. Ecosystem-based management in Chinese coastal zone (National Ocean Service), as participant.

2007-2009. Study and application on the assessment of ecosystem health for typical estuarine and coastal bay (Chinese Ministry of Science and technology), as participant.

2006-2008. The techniques of wise use and protection of intertidal wetlands in Chingming Dongtan, Shanghai. (Key Project of Shanghai Science and technology Committee), as participant.

2003-2007. The land-sea interactions and environmental effects of offshore for typical Chinese estuaries (Chinese Ministry of Science and technology), as participant.

2004-2005. The technology and comprehensive demonstration project for improvement of urban water quality of Shanghai (Chinese Ministry of Science and technology), as participant.

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