News & Events

Chongming Sino-Holland Joint Research Center inaugurated 2018-01-15
ECSA2017 was held in Shanghai 2018-01-05
The Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) scientific steering committee meeting was held in ECNU 2017-12-05
SKLEC-NIVA Centre Members Visited Norway 2017-04-11
Foundation of Comparative Studies between the Yangtze and the Nile Delta 2016-11-23
School of Marine Sciences set up 2016-11-08
Workshop on Modeling on Coastal and Shelf Ecosystems organized by SKLEC-NIVA Centre 2016-11-02
The 3rd SKLEC International Consultation Meeting and Workshop on Estuarine and Coastal Research was held in ECNU 2016-11-02
Vice president of University of Bergen visited ECNU and SKLEC 2016-11-01
The Agreement signing signed ceremony for the joint publication journal of “Anthropocene Coasts” was hold inbetween ECNU and CSP 2016-09-29
SKLEC Workshop: Biogeomorphology and pattern formation on estuaries and coastal ecosystems was held in ECNU 2016-07-07
Overseas Young Scientists Forum on Estuaries and Coasts Held at ECNU 2016-07-05
Workshop on Ocean Acidification Research in China was Held in Shanghai 2016-05-01
SKLEC Team attended the 2016 Ocean Science Meeting 2016-03-17
Agreement Signed between East China Normal University and Louisiana State University 2016-03-17
The Norwegian Delegation visited SKLEC 2015-10-20
The International Workshop on Frontiers of Estuarine and Coastal Research was Held in Shanghai 2015-10-17
Agreement Signed between East China Normal University and Delft University of Technology 2015-06-01
Awarding Ceremony for Honorary Professor Hubert H.G. Savenije Was Held at SKLEC 2015-06-01
Norwegian Institute for Water Research Signed Memorandum of Understanding with East China Normal University 2015-01-14