Liang Xia

Job Title: 
Associate Professor
Research Interests: 
Greenhouse gas production and emissions from lakes, reservoirs and wetlands ecosystems
Pollutants removal and ecological remediation in freshwater and sediments
A509, Estuarine and Coastal Building, #500 Dongchuan Rd., Shanghai, P.R. China
Education Experience: 
2004-2007, State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Science, East China Normal University, Ecology PhD degree
Work Experience: 
2007-2019, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University. Associate Professor
2019- present, State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Science, East China Normal University. Associate Professor
Academic Exchange: 
2011-2012, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley. Post-doctoral, Visiting Scholar
2014-2015, School of Ecology and Environment, East China Normal University. Visiting Scholar
NSFC: Research on the key pathways and microbial driving mechanisms of N2O production in typical lakes in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river (41773076), 2018.01-2021.12
NSFC: Mechanisms and influence of large filamentous algae on methane (CH4) emission from urban rivers (41203051), 2013.01-2015.12
National Key Research and Development Program of China : Mechanisms and effects of river interception on carbon and nitrogen cycling and transports in the basin of southwest China (2016YFA0601000), 2016.07-2021.06
Representative Publications in Recent 3 Years:
1. Liang Xia*, Xing Tao, Li Junxiong, Wang Baoli*, Wang Fushun, He Chiquan, Hou Lijun, Li Siliang (2019). Control of the hydraulic load on nitrous oxide emissions from cascade reservoirs. Environmental Science & Technology. 21/acs.est.9b03438
2. Wang Baoli*, Zhang Haitao, Liang Xia*, Li Xiaodong, Wang Fushun (2019). Cumulative effects of cascade dams on river water cycle: Evidence from hydrogen and oxygen isotopes. Journal of Hydrology. 568: 604-610
3. Sun Yiqi, Wen Chengfeng, Liang Xia*, He Chiquan (2018). Determination of the phytoremediation efficiency of Ricinus communis L. and methane uptake from cadmium and nickel-contaminated soil using spent mushroom substrate. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25 (32): 32603-32616.
4. Wang Fushun, Maberly C. Stephen, Wang Baoli, Liang Xia (2018). Effects of dams on riverine biogeochemical cycling and ecology. Inland Waters, 8(2), 130-140.
5. Liang Xia*, Zhang Xiuyun, Sun Qiao,He Chiquan, Chen Xueping, Liu,Xiaoyan, Chen  Zhenlou (2016). The role of filamentous algae Spirogyra methane production and emissions in streams. Aquatic Sciences,78(2):227-239.