Invited Presentations at International Conferences & Workshops in 2019

Members of SKLEC attended international conferences for more than 65 person-times, including 12 invited talks and 4 plenary lectures.
Daoji Li, Progress and Prospect of Marine Microplastic Research in China- Macau International
Environmental Cooperation Forum & Exhibition (2019 MIECF) Green Chemical Forum: Solutions to
Tackle Marine Plastic Debris, March, China
Heqin Cheng, Dune dynamics in coarse silt, sand and gravel along the main channel from the estuarine front
of the Yangtze River to the Three gorges Dam-Dune dynamics in coarse silt, sand and gravel along the
main channel from the estuarine front of the Yangtze River to the Three gorges Dam, March, Germany
Huahong Shi, Microplastic in aquatic organisms from the field and toxicological methods in the laboratory-
International Microplastic Workshop, April, China
Jinlong Wang, Variations in the partitioning behavior of 210Pb, 207Bi and 210Po during sorption to a wide
range of marine particles-INCO-PoPb-2019, April, China
Xiuzhen Li, Ecological Use of Dredging Mud-The 22nd World Dredging Congress & Exhibition, April, China
Richard Bellerby, Shaping GOA-ON to better meet the information needs of global to local decision makers
-the 4th Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) International Workshop, April. China
Huahong Shi, Microplastics in mussels and the indication for coastal microplastic pollution-The 9th
International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology cum Workshop on Adverse Outcome
Pathways, June, China
Daoji Li, Challenge of marine plastic pollution- Monitoring and Assessment of Marine Plastic Litter and
Microplastics, September, Indonesia
Daoji Li, Widely accepted monitoring and assessment method for microplastic pollution- Scientific
Workshop on “Navigating Microplastic Research in Thailand: Sampling and Laboratory Analysis”,
September, Thailand
Heqin Cheng, Anthropogenic effect and control in the coastal system from the Yangtze River to the East China
Sea-22nd International Workshop on Physical Processes in Natural Waters(PPNW), September, China
Xiuzhen Li, Ecological Restoration and Utilization of Yangtze Estuarine Wetlands-Aoshan Forum - Toward
Ecosystem Mitigations: Effects of Climate Change and Associated Environmental Drivers on Coastal
Wetland Services, September, China
Xiuzhen Li, “Green Seawall” round the Chongming Island-Workshop on International Ecological Islands,
October, China
Daoji Li, Recent Main Research Progress of Marine Microplastics in China-PICES-2019 Annual Meeting:
Connecting Science and Communities in a Changing North Pacific, October, China
Daoji Li, Scientific Basis for Supporting Future Government Targets on the Reduction of Plastic Waste-
Combating Marine Plastic Waste-2019 Shanghai Forum, November, China
Zhixuan Fen, Modeling East/Japan Sea ecosystem using the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)-
Modeling Ecosystem Dynamics of the East Sea (Japan Sea) – Fitting Together the Ulleung Basin
Ecosystem Puzzle , November, South Korea
Qianli Sun, Climate as a factor for Neolithic cultural collapses approximately 4000 years BP in China-
Workshop of Natural Resources Protection and Regional Development, December, USA