Natural versus anthropogenically driven behavior of hydrodynamics

Trilateral Cooperation Project of NSFC, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), and
Research Councils UK (RCUK): Natural versus anthropogenically driven behavior of hydrodynamics and
sediment dynamics in estuarine delta networks, application to the Yangtze Estuary Delta (2017.06-2021.12)

We propose to investigate a major problem occurring in the high turbidity zones of the Yangtze Estuarine Delta (YED),
viz. the amplification of tides, seaward migration of mouth bars, coarsening of bed sediment, increased siltation in
navigation channels and a potential regime shift towards a hyperturbid system resulting from engineering works.
An innovative, integrated research approach will be adopted of analysing field data, simulation with 3D models
and developing and analysing new process-based (semi-) analytical models for multi-channel estuarine networks.
Three research teams will closely work together. Results from each team will be combined to examine the effect
of anthropogenic measures on both along-channel and across-channel patterns of hydrodynamics and sediment
entrapment in the Yangtze Estuary under varying external conditions.

Project Period: 
2017-06 to 2021-05
East China Normal University
Utrecht University
University of Dundee
Heqin Cheng