Notice on Withdrawal from School for International PhD Student

According to the ECNU Regulations for Graduate Students Enrollment Management, those graduate students whose suspension is due but fail to apply for study re-entry within the given period of time will be in face of a withdrawal from the school.  In that regard, after serious consideration, it is of pity to note that the following student will be in face of such a withdrawal.
姓名:Elsaid Shetaia,学号:52173901020
Name: Elsaid Shetaia, Student ID: 52173901020
Notice time: June 21 to 27, 2018
Should the nominated student have any disagreement or doubt in terms of the notice, please submit an application for review during the Notice time period.  Please kindly note that application for review could not be processed after the notice time period.  Upon the termination of notice time period in which the nominee has no objections, the withdrawal will be valid.
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