Saltmarsh Workshop held at East China Normal University

Coastal saltmarsh experts from University of Southampton, Hohai University and Nanjing University gathered together on Jun.2-3, 2018, to attend the saltmarsh wetland academic exchange conference held at State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) of East China Normal University, aiming at facilitating the international cooperation and information sharing among academic communities in this research field.
In the morning of Jun.2, experts reported the brief introduction of their latest and emerging research, such as processes of Biology-Landform-Flow and Sediment in intertidal zone, controlling experiments and field observation for the indicators of Plant-Hydrology-Landform, as well as management for ecological restoration areas of saltmarsh wetland and so on. After that the panel discussion was launched, focusing on ecological restoration and management, and the vegetation growth in saltmarsh wetland under multiple pressures. On the basis, the participants put forward the collaboration framework for further research.
On the second day of this meeting, parts of the delegates investigated Nanhui coastal wetland restoration area, and visited automatic dock and its supporting infrastructure of Yangshan deep-water port. The participants positively discussed the pros and cons of current restoration work and the problems that need to be solved in the future.