ew IMBeR-Future Earth Coasts Continental Margins Working Group

IMBeR is pleased to welcome Richard Bellerby and Su Mei Liu, the two new IMBeR co-Chairs of the IMBeR-Future Earth Coasts (FEC) Continental Margins Working Group (CMWG).
Richard is a marine biogeochemist studying the system interplay between ocean chemistry, marine ecosystems, climate change and socio-ecology. His involvement in continental margins work includes socio-ecological studies of ocean acidification and climate change in Arctic and Chinese marginal seas. Su Mei is no new-comer to IMBeR, having served as a Scientific Steering Committee member from 2010-2015. Her focus is on nutrient cycles and the interactions between nutrients and food webs, environmental evolution, silicon and atmospheric nutrient deposition. Su Mei will coordinate the CMWG activities towards improved understanding of the socio-ecological systems of the Chinese marginal seas.
The IMBeR-FEC CMWG will bring together scientists with a range of expertise in continental margins research from different regions of the world, to study key systems through services, stakeholders, regulatory institutions and process; coupling environmental and ecological change to service variability and developing scenarios of future marginal seas services. An impact of the CMWG will be identify frameworks to optimise boundary conditions towards informed co-adaption to change in marginal seas. It will be desirable, if necessary, to perform comparative studies between case study regions in the Arctic and Chinese marginal seas.
More info coming soon.