SKLEC-NIVA Centre Members Visited Norway

During March 18-25, 2017, a group of 12 SKLEC-NIVA Centre members, led by the director of SKLEC-NIVA Centre,  Prof. Richard Bellerby, visited Norway successfully. This trip was to follow the Memorandum of Understanding between ECNU and NIVA, for Cooperation in Estuarine, Coastal and Marine Sciences, and to further strengthen the international cooperation between the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Sciences (SKLEC) and several Norwegian marine research institutes, represented by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).
Group photo for SKLEC-NIVA team and UiB marine sciences team
Besides NIVA-Oslo (headquarter), and NIVA-Bergen (branch), the group were also invited to visit University of Bergen (UiB), and Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR). The group had the opportunity to discuss with leading scientists of these institutes, such as the Managing Director of NIVA and the Marine Dean of UiB, and to reach up to 23 research heads of diverse research fields like Ocean Acidification, Microplastic, Remote Sensing, Physical Modeling, and Marine ecosystems. The Norwegian partners showed warm welcome to the SKLEC-NIVA Centre group members, fully supported the planned international-collaboration projects, and described a multi-disciplinary, integrated blueprint with Chinese colleagues together. They emphasized the importance to form a combined marine science research team with SKLEC-NIVA Centre, and with SKLEC, ECNU. Both sides agreed to support more exchanges of scientists and students, and apply for joint research projects from different sources.
Prof. WU Hui, deputy director of SKLEC, exchanged gifts with Ms. Greta Bentzen, the Managing Director of NIVA.
                                          Prof. LI Daoji and Prof. SHI Huahong visited the marine microplasticlabin NIVA-Oslo.
Among all the academic activities, more than 60 local people from government, NGOs, educators, researchers, and the public were attracted to attend the open breakfast seminar on marine plastic research, held in Oslo on March 21.
Open breakfast seminar on marine micro-plastics.