Overseas Young Scientists Forum on Estuaries and Coasts Held at ECNU

Overseas Young Scientists Forum on Estuaries and Coasts was held at ECNU’s Zhongbei campus on June 26-28, 2016. Prof. Haifeng Qian, director of Human Resource office attended the opening ceremony, showed our school’s support on scientific research personnel. Prof. Weiguo Zhang, deputy director and vice president of SKLEC, introduced the development and evolution, research area and progress of SKLEC, and gave a warm welcome aspiring young people to join our team.

The participants of the forum included: Dr. Zhixiong Shen, Department of Marine Science,Coastal Carolina University; Dr. Zhixuan Feng, Biology Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Dr. Zhenchang Zhu, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research; Dr. Jim Van Belzen, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research; Dr. Zhigang Ma, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research; Dr. Xing Ji, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED), University of Amsterdam; Dr. Tao Wang, Department of Physical Oceanography, Ocean University of China. Following are report themes: Growth and waning of a delta: implication for coastal restoration;Copepod biogeography in a changing Arctic marine environment;The ecology of vegetated foreshores: understanding processes and thresholds driving system dynamics;Disturbing fact: Tidal marshes are resilient at the edge of collapse;Salt marsh morphodynamics in a non-turbid system;Effects of rising CO2 concentrations in phytoplankton competitive interaction.
Prof. Matt Kirwan and Prof. Johan van de Koppel came from Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research as the keynote speakers give frontier talk about coastal landscape evolution and spatial complexity of estuarine and coastal ecosystems, respectively.
 After the report, all participants asked questions and carried on warm discussion.This forum provided a venue for young scholars and academic scientists from home and abroad to present and discuss the latest results and techniques in applied and theoretical estuarine and coastal.