New International projects in 2013

NSFC Funds for International Cooperation and Exchange: Influence of Natural and Anthropogenic Factors on the Biogeochemical Processes in Estuaries of Russian Far East and China: Comparative Analysis (2013.01-2014.12)

Contacts: Prof.Zhang Jing

The project is funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China. It is jointly undertaken by SKLEC and V.I. II’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute and Pacific Geograhical Institute (PGI), Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. The project is focus on: 1) the comparative analysis on invariable chemical elements of the river, the recognition of the controlling role of the weathering progress on environmental geochemical characteristics of natural water body under different climate zones; 2) the analysis on internal relation between biogeochemical cycle and dynamical progress of estuaries and offshore areas, the recognition of the constraints of biogeochemical progress on biogenic elements and trace elements behavior of subtropical region (China) and high latitudes area (far eastern area of Russia) and the following ecosystem effect. The project is aim to solve the scientific problem of “How climate change and human activities affect the chemical flux of watershed basins in different geographic zones into the sea” and “How the change of terrestrial material into the sea effect on the offshore ecosystem by biogeochemical progress of different offshore areas”