New international projects in 2014

1. NSFC Major International Cooperation Project: Navigation to a resilient estuary - morphological interactions between navigation channel and estuary 2014.01-2018.12

This project was carried out jointly by East China Normal University and Delft University of Technology. The main contents of the project include: analyzing the complex process of water and sediment transport in high turbidity estuaries, exploring the sediment source of siltation in deepwater channel and its mechanism, quantifying engineering response to the linked shoals and channels system, forecasting medium- and long-term evolution of estuarine geomorphology.

Contacts: He qing

2. Chinese-Croation Scientific and Technological Cooperation: A comparison of organic matter biogeochemistry in oilgotrophic and eutrophic estuary:illustrated by lipids and amino acid enantiomers, (2014-2015)

 The quality and cycling of organic matter (OM) in the sea is tightly connected to the global changes and human activities. The synergetic effect of combining the expertise of different methodological approaches and knowledge of the two groups from Shanghai and Zagreb is crucial to investigate tightly entangled processes and pathways of the OM production and cycling in seas. Special attention will be paid on transfer of knowledge to young scientists that are included in the project.

The project proposes a multi-methodological approach with focus on the opposing marine regimes: eutrophic Changjiang Estuary and oligotrophic East Adriatic Sea. The project will apply and combine a wide range of methods and tools to investigate how opposing trophic status and human pressure reflects in OM quality and cycling.

Contacts:Zhuoyi Zhu