Center for Paleo-Environmental Change

Our research focuses on Quaternary environmental changes in delta and Arctic regions, especially the human-environmental interactions in the Holocene. The recent research topics include neolithic culture evolution, climate and sea-level changes in large Asian river deltas, delta sediment source ascription, and environmental changes in coastal areas of the Greenland. The scientific results have been published in journals including Nature, PNAS, Geology, Quaternary Science Reviews, Quaternary Research, The Holocene and Marine Geology. Our members are also active in international research communities like International Association of Geomorphology (IAG) and IGBP/LOICZ, serving as scientific steering council members and working group leaders, and guest editors for special issues in journals Geomorphology, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Sciences and Holocene. As a leader, we were funded by Asian Pacific Network (APN) for a 7-year project “Asian Mega-deltas: Monsoon circulation in relation to deltaic-coastal hazards and future mitigation – millennial to seasonal dimensions”(

Weiguo Zhang, Director and Professor

Office: 506 Estuarine and Coastal Building

Phone: 86-21-62232482


Research Interests: Environmental Magnetism; Environmental Change; Environmental Pollution