ECSA 53 Held in Shanghai

On Oct. 13-17, ECSA 53a major symposium of Estuarine and Coastal Science Association (ECSA) this year, took place in Shanghai. More than 450 experts and scholars of 46 countries and areas attended the symposium.

ECSA founded in 1971 is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of multidisciplinary research into all aspects of estuaries and coasts, and the application of science and technology for their sustainable environmental management. The Association holds local meetings, where work relevant to one specific estuary or coastal area is presented, as well as annual international symposia.

Prof. Victor de Jonge, Secretary General of ESCA, gives a sppech on the opening ceremony.

华东师范大学校长陈群教授致辞 (刘金玉 摄)

Chen Qun, President of ECNU, addresses on the opening ceremony.

  ECSA 53 was held by ECSA in partnership with the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) at ECNU and Elsevier (Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science). On the opening ceremony, ECSA awarded Academician Chen Jiyu, a famous scientist of estuarine and coastal science and the founder of SKLEC, Lifetime Achievement Award for his great contribution to estuarine and coastal science. As Academician Chen didn’t attend the symposium because of his health, Prof. Zhou Yunxuan, Director of SKLEC, accepted the honor on behalf of Academician Chen from Geoff Millward, Chairman of ECSA.

Prof. Victor de Jonge introduces Academician Chen Jiyu's achievement.

Focusing on the theme of the symposium, “Estuaries and Coastal Areas in Times of Intense Change”, experts and scholars had conversations and discussions on various topics including "Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas", "Effects of Human Activities and Global Change on Hydro-morphological Processes in Estuaries and Coastal Areas", “Quantifying Economic and Ecological Sustainability”, “Economic Development and Ecological and Socio-cultural Rrisks: the Socio-cultural-economic-ecology Interface”, “Technical Developments in Detecting Dhange and Managing Heavily Modified Estuaries”, as well as “Strategies and Tools for Improved Estuarine Management”.

ECSA 53 attracts 450 experts and scholars from home and abroad.

 (Writtem by: Liu Jinyu)

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