SKLEC delegation attended the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting

The delegates from SKLEC participated the AGU Fall Meeting during 9-13 December, 2013, in San Francisco. The AGU Fall Meeting is the largest worldwide conference in geophysical sciences. In 2013, more than 22,000 earth and space scientists, educators, students, and other related professionals gathered to present groundbreaking research and communicate with international colleagues.


SKLEC chaired a session with the theme “Regime Changes in Estuarine and Coastal Systems”, with 15 oral talks and 21 posters scheduled. The conveners were Prof. Qinghe (SKLEC), Prof. Weiguo Zhang (SKLEC), Dr.Viven P Chua (National University of Singapore) and Prof. Keqi Zhang (Florida International University). The topics were focused on the recent advances in theoretical, experimental and computational techniques of estuarine and coastal studies. Prof. Jian Shen from College of William and Mary gave a key note talk titled “Assessment of the Correlation of Long-Term Hydrodynamic Variations and Dissolved Oxygen in the Chesapeake Bay”. Prof. Xue Huijie from University of Maine gave an oral talk titled “A model study of the Copper River plume and its effect on the northern Gulf of Alaska”. Prof. Keqi Zhang from Florida International University gave an oral talk titled “The Effect of Coastal Development on Storm Surge Flooding in Biscayne Bay, Florida, USA”. It provided a great opportunity for scientists, teachers, students, and consultants to present and review the latest issues affecting the climate change and anthropogenic influences, rapid environmental changes that occurred leading to serious impacts on the health and productivity of estuarine and coastal systems.

Meanwhile, SKLEC set up an exhibition booth in the Career Centre during the conference to show the recent research achievements and recruit outstanding scientists to join SKLEC.