SKLEC delegates visit Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt

Prof. Zhongyuan Chen and Dr. Qianli Sun, together with their student had paid a visit to Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt, Feb 14 - Mar 1, 2014. This visit is a continuation of long-term collaboration between SKLEC and Egyptian University. The purpose of this visit is to study the Holocene climate change, sea level fluctuation and human adaption of the Nile delta, and a comparison to the Yangtze delta will be feasible. Coring and sampling at archaeological sites of the Nile delta carried out successfully, and samples were obtained for laboratory test. During the visit, a thematic workshop was held to exchange ideas and data information. Mutual agreement on future collaboration is further strengthened. During the visit, the chancellor of Kafrelsheikh University warmly received SKLEC delegates, and both sides expressed a high expectation for research cooperation, scholar exchange, and student training.

Prof. Chen etc. having discussions with Egyptian colleagues

Prof. Chen etc. exchanged presents with the President of Kafrelsheikh University

Prof. Chen etc. worked in the field with Egyptian colleagues

Prof. Chen and Dr. Sun worked in the field

Drilled in the field