Chen Changsheng

Job Title: 


Montgomery Charter Professor
Department of Fisheries
Oceanography School for Marine
Science and Technology University
of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Zhongshan N. Road 3663,Shanghai 200062, China

Research Interests

Professor Chen is a coastal oceanographer who is interested in modeling and observational exploration of coastal ocean circulation, oceanic frontal processes, turbulent mixing/bottom boundary layer dynamics, chaotic mixing, western boundary currents, internal waves and tides, and biological/physical interaction. His recent research covers a broad range of scales, from global to basin, coastal ocean, and estuaries. He is leader of the Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Modeling Research Laboratory, which has developed an innovative unstructured grid, finite-volume coastal ocean model (FVCOM) for the ocean community.


NSF. Collaborative research: Inter-annual variability of coastal phytoplankton bloom and their relationship to large-scale forcings: A model study in the Gulf of Maine.
NSF. Collaborative research: Effects of a warming climate on Arctic shelf and basin calacus populations: Implications for Pan-Arctic ecosystem dynamics.
NSF. Collaborative research: Development of a high-resolution, unstructured grid, finite-volume coupled ice-ocean model for the Arctic Ocean.
MIT-Sea Grant: Development and validation of a water quality model system for Massachusetts coastal waters.
Massachusetts Ocean Partnership (MOP). Development of an ocean circulation hindcast database and specific products for coastal ocean management.
NOAA. Tropical and extra-tropical inundation mode evaluation.
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