Yang Shilun

Job Title: 
Research Interests: 
Delta response to catchment change
Coastal sediment dynamics and Geomorphology
3663 Zhongshan Road(N.), Shanghai 200062 P.R. China
Education Experience: 
1988.10 East China Normal University, China, the Netherlands, PhD
19983.7 Department of Geography, China, the Netherlands, BSC
Work Experience: 
1998.10 - SKLEC, East China Normal University, Professor
1992.10 -1998.10: SKLEC, East China Normal University, Associate Professor
1988.10-1992.10: Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, Assistant Professor
1998.10-1998.12: Department of Earth Science, Utrecht University, the Nethelands, Visiting scholar
1998.7-1998.10: Institute for Sea Research, The Netherlands
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