Papers Published by the International Journals between 2005-2009

亚)in a stres M., Roelvink, J.A., He, Q., Buparticfport of partiole rient fculate terrestrialJiaozharge i:d> Bao, H.Y.(鲍红艳), 苏妮), DuWu, Y., Ze, W.S., Zhang, J.,Science of th__liolocenephysical Research Cce of coance spectroscopic chuintid it and pensolr mixst tomameary: swamption and tended miQdel co changes the east coast of Hainan Islaahaments.Su, N.(trimentFJ., LY H.Y.H , J.Z., Moore, W.S., Zhang, J., /td> bil Dynamiankt-p;to&nmporal varenk">Intties at Saltmarshes in the Yangtze Estua;D.J., ., Li,(刘> <)寅), ZhWamentgeB), Dltje., ZJ , J.Z., Moore, W.S., Zhang, J., ing P>
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Br th-Fornd arDenofhytollr msng><>n/Inurene sea levei, ChA./td>5d>2010, 83:1.221147.
<4d>12 Rtd>SCiv hip crnationa submerged zonerged ole eence of th__lfeWangJurfacMatdgef the Total Environment2010, 83:1.21ng Ra-22d> <4d>12 Sea-leve3bil DynChantree Gorgevy metal Don/De changes in tabChaouatidiment load iDhes thnoysie ese coastainan IslaahamentPeng, J.( Pang, J Booi ML.nge Estuaryre, W.S., Zhang, J., <4d>12 Ad odaptApplication oion/Diin tand n-dptAmized ication odesignulti-fEvp/tdsiv cdy fd>Enecnuge- thdesignsthe Yangtzicle YC(刘dBaoum str, Zhao, H.,J.H., OkunJ.oore, W.S., Zhang, J., d> <4d>12 Dnt coasnsoon-dposilf3 d> <4d>12 ZouOkunJ.oord> <4d>12 CIne, Q.,(潘灵芝)hen, C.S., Qi,plicatio,e, W.S., Zhang, J., d> <4d>12 gational workitd>SCI-3 SuaaEsV L.M__ite, W.S., Zhang, J., d> <4d>12 SposcI-stream d>SCI-3 nng, mage(任韧希子d> <4d>12 <4d>12 Lr f-T cokiolocesavy <4d>12 d> <4d>12 SposcI-sbil Dynami <4d>12 SC., 210Pb, and 234Th) d> <4d>12 inkmoI-2 ent 锦d>Wange EstuaYJ.,lIsland,nd 234Th) d> Uhe EaqI-2, ltareggs uedimentatd>Sze tgs uor-tze) deltrtd>SCiv hip crnationaing and ae mid"menu_alg thbi,gesinvy me - ichalThe ion ittertidaLnateTaihrge the Yellower, Shanghai, ChX.inad> <4d>12 Unexffusatipi, old-nssmpomal /> h Evaluatisp;at mulentaripi, ylMagmenu_9-cis-d>Renoi stc Liu He, QZhW J.L., ZhHJ.L., Zhiu, M.,He, W.S., Zhang, J., <4d>12 D/td> <4d>12 <4d>12 Nonlianktoadv
>Diversifricf heavyYangtze ies at ioutit o tribuidity maximum zone of the Yangtze Estuaope LiZ China忠勇Baoao, H.,Hr WZh, C.J.(,e, W.S., Zhang, J.,Envellow-physica>
<4d>12 gational workevol downsmpomoutitbarina, and aximum zl asymmetr seafwayinvy metals al100 yeink">ecosystenents..,(和玉芳Baoao, H.,Hr td>Peng,at(e, W.S., Zhang, J., <4d>12 Rting the spangjiasastern of ents ita a <4d>12 SposcI-stream d>SCI-3bil Dynamiia submarine groungf sediment load iBpeninsvto uppeps al60 yeink.the Yangtzicle .,(刘锋 <4d>12 T>d>SCI-3bil Dynamiia submarine groon water dischargeidity maiment load iundwater o thdu>Eco 195d>2008the Yangtzicle .,(刘锋 <4d>12 <4d>12 <4d>12 T>d>SCI-332 icle .,(刘锋 <4d>12 Mdometeel (ompoSulfur Ifluxevasionxy evideby Se12 唐爱玲,瞿d> <4d>12 <4d>12 MappEco o th <4d>12 CI-2, mons fculate terrestrsp;arsctd>Cby 234Th/238Ubmarequitibrient ne low> Chesltd>lidity mient fluxes inrine morphBitrQ.Qk(毕倩倩ang, D.K.(黄, H.Y.(鲍o英), Wang, D.R., Su, J., Zhang, J., Marine Chemistry67-734, 86(1-2):0.6804029. <4d>12 Simmonsoon-dpor) - -Dr diies nggCohesCv tSeer discTree Gorgevy H Sezharge ithe Yangtze EstuaDP.,PJlta<盘军angn, C.S., Qi,HuChinL., Su, J., Zhang, J., Marine Chemistry98-1064, 86(1-2):0.6804029. <4d>12 S> <4d>12 Ty mCOM): Dynamiburrhe sou>Magneitd>SCI-3den evieI-2 Can, mam msndehaionartina the,Gumin ChA., OkunJ.oore, W.S., Zhang, J., Marine Chemistry40-444, 86(1-2):0.6804029. <4d>12 A NnmerSangger dytzn ia submad>SCIderaf hrtd> <4d>12 Cce of coCommspfuse reflectance spectroscopic c onsolvedthuintid it and pendeaomameary:-n asse wnt flu3Su, N , Pu, Y., ZhanamentF.(, tributX Zhanamentoore, W.S., Zhang, J., <4d>12 Dectv/-2iCI-3 <4d>12 F/> h <4d>12 <4d>12 CI-2, 泉)Yi ML.ng>Peng, J.( ,,nd 234TH.), 苏Y. .ngX J.Y.H , Cao.,JY.(e, W.S., Zhang, J., <4d>12 SinkagneticpI-2, mons f/sup>2td> sup>Thre (15<,a/sup>7Hvea the,sup>2td> sup>Pbre (15 <4d>12 Sposcom d>SCI-3 s PublPapereophysical Josd> bil Dynamiankt-p;to&nmporal varenk">Intties at Saltmarshes in the Yangtp <) Qt何青Gumin ZBi,plrgeJco Dltje.,), Jt张经)isp habitdeonuitdbil Dynlti-migraforyubirnssdesrticleChend ar Chetco NInureonal rvtties a eutrope Yangtp
No. Record Title Author Journal Page Impact Factor
1 SCI-1, top A Novel Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Method to Measure (15NH4+) for Isotope-Enrichment Experiments in Aquatic Ecosystems Yin, G.Y(尹国宇)., Hou, L.J., Liu, M., Liu, Z.F., Gardner, W.S., Environmental Science & Technology 2014, 48(16): 9555-9562. 5.481
2 SCI-1, top Phenanthrene sorption to Chinese coal: importance of coal’s geochemical properties. Yan, C.X.(晏彩霞), Yang, Y., Liu, M., Nei, M.H., Zhou, J.L. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2011, 192: 86-92. 4.331
3 SCI-2, top Application of passive sampling in assessing the occurrence and risk of antibiotics and endocrine disrupting chemicals in the Yangtze Estuary, China Shi, X.(史晓东), Zhou, J.L., Zhao, H., Hou, L.J., Yang, Y., Chemosphere 2014, 111: 344-51. 3.499
4 SCI-2, top Occurrence and behavior of antibiotics in water and sediments from the Huangpu River, Shanghai, China Chen, K.(陈恺), Zhou, J.L., Chemosphere 2014, 95: 604-612. 3.499
5 SCI-2, top Impact of extreme drought and the Three Gorges Dam on transport of particulate terrestrial organic carbon in the Changjiang (Yangtze) River Yu, H.(于灏), Wu, Y., Zhang, J., Deng, B., Zhu, Z.Y., Journal of Geophysical Research 2011, 116: F04029. 3.44
6 SCI-2, top Impacts of salt marsh plants on tidal channel initiation and inheritance Schwarz, C., Ye, QH., van der Wal, D., Zhang, L.Q. , Bouma, T., Ysebaert, T., Herman, P.M.J., Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 2014, 119(2): 385-400. 3.44
7 SCI-2, top The role of river flow and tidal asymmetry on 1-D estuarine morphodynamics Guo, L.C.(郭磊城), van der Wegen, M., Roelvink, J.A., He, Q., Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 2014, 119: 2315-2334. 3.44
8 SCI-2, top Particle dynamics of the Changjiang Estuary and adjacent coastal region determined by natural particle-reactive radionuclides (7Be, 210Pb, and 234Th) Huang, D.K.(黄德坤), Du, J.Z., Moore, W.S., Zhang, J., Journal of Geophysical Research:Oceans 2013, 118(4): 1736-1748. 3.44
9 SCI-2, top Multi-proxy evidence for compositional xhange of organic matter in the largest tropical (peninsular) river basin of India Pradhan, U.K., Wu, Y., Shirodkar, P.V., Zhang, J., Zhang, G.S., Journal of Hydrology 2014, 519: 999-1009. 2.693
10 SCI-2, top Quantifying the anthropogenic and climatic impacts on water discharge and sediment load in the Pearl River (Zhujiang), China (1954–2009). Wu, C.S.(吴创收), Yang, S.L., Lei, Y.P., Journal of Hydrology 2012, 452-453: 190-204. 2.693
11 SCI-2 Antibiotics in the surface water of the Yangtze Estuary: Occurrence, distribution and risk assessment Yan, C.X.(晏彩霞), Yang, Y., Zhou, J.L., Liu, M., Nie, M.H., Shi, H., Gu, L.J., Environmental Pollution 2013, 175: 22-29. 3.902
12 SCI-2 Diversity, abundance, and activity of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in Chongming eastern intertidal sediments. Zheng, Y.L.(郑艳玲), Hou, L.J., Liu, M., Lu, M., Zhao, H., Yin, G.Y., Zhou, J.L., Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2013, 97(18): 8351-8363. 3.811
13 SCI-2 A magnetic record of heavy metal pollution in the Yangtze River subaqueous delta. Dong, C.Y.(董辰寅), Zhang, W.G., Ma, H.L., Feng, H., Lu, H.H., Dong, Y., Yu, L.Z., Science of the Total Environment 2014, (476-477):  368-377. 3.163
14 SCI-2 An examination of groundwater discharge and the associated nutrient fluxes into the estuaries of eastern Hainan Island, China using  226Ra Su, N.(苏妮), Du, J.Z., Moore, W.S., Liu, S.M., Science of the Total Environment 2011, 409: 3909-3918. 3.163
15 SCI-2 Analyzing the spectral response of submerged aquatic vegetation in a eutrophic lake, Shanghai, China Zou, W.N.(邹维娜), Yuan, L., Zhang, L.Q. Ecological Engineering 2013, 57: 65-71. 3.041
16 SCI-2 Evaluation of the combined threat from sea-level rise and sedimentation reduction to the coastal wetlands in the Yangtze Estuary, China Wang, H.(王恒), Ge, Z.M., Yuan, L., Zhang, L.Q., Ecological Engineering 2014, 71: 346-354. 3.041
17 SCI-2 Impacts of Spartina alterniflora Invasion on the Benthic Communities at Saltmarshes in the Yangtze Estuary, China Wang, R.Z.(王睿照), Lin Yuan, L., Zhang, L.Q., Ecological Engineering 2010, 36: 799-806. 3.041
18 SCI-2 Initiation of the Changjiang (Yangtze) delta and its response to the mid-Holocene sea level change Song, B.(宋兵), Li, Z., Saito, Y., Okuno, J., Li, Z., Lu, A.Q., Hua, D., Li, J., Li, Y.X., Nakashima, R., Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 2013, 388: 81-97. 2.752
19 SCI-2 Magnetic and diffuse reflectance spectroscopic characterization of iron oxides in the tidal flat sequence from the coastal plain of Jiangsu Province, China. Dong, Y.(董艳), Zhang, W.G., Dong, C.Y., Ge, C., Yu, L.Z., Geophysical Journal International 2014, 196(1): 175-188. 2.724
20 SCI-2 Effects of navigational works on morphological changes in the bar area of the Yangtze Estuary Jiang, C.J.(蒋陈娟), Li, J.F. , Swart, H.E.D., Geomorphology 2012, 139-141: 205-219. 2.577
21 SCI-2 Magnetic fingerprinting of hydrodynamic variations and channel erosion across the turbidity maximum zone of the Yangtze Estuary, China Dong, C.Y.(董辰寅), Zhang, W.G., He, Q., Dong, Y., Yu, L.Z., Geomorphology 2014, 226: 300-311. 2.577
22 SCI-2 Magnetic properties of East China Sea shelf sediments off the Yangtze Estuary: Influence of provenance and particle size Liu, S.M.(柳思敏), Zhang, W.G., He, Q., Li, D.J., Liu, H., Yu, L.Z., Geomorphology 2010, 119(3-4): 212-220. 2.577
23 SCI-2 Relating accretion and erosion at an exposed tidal wetland to the bottom shear stress of combined current-wave action Shi, B.W.(史本伟), Yang, S.L., Wang, Y.P., Bouma, T.J., Zhu, Q., Geomorphology 2012, 138: 380-389. 2.577
24 SCI-2 The impact of the Three Gorges Dam on the downstream distribution and texture of sediments along the middle and lower Yangtze River (Changjiang) and its estuary, and subsequent sediment dispersal in the East China Sea. Luo, X.X.(罗向欣) , Yang, S.L. , Zhang, J., Geomorphology 2012, 179: 126-140. 2.577
25 SCI-2 A dike–groyne algorithm in a terrain-following coordinate ocean model (FVCOM): Development, validation and application Ge, J.Z.(葛建忠), Chen, C.S., Qi, J.H., Ding, P.X., Beardsley, R.C., Ocean Modelling 2012, 47: 26-40. 2.59
26 SCI-3 Community Dynamics and Activity of Ammonia-oxidizing Prokaryotes in Intertidal Sediments of the Yangtze Estuary Zheng, Y.L.(郑艳玲), Hou, L.J., Newell, S., Liu, M., Zhou, J.L., Zhao, H., You, L.L., Cheng, X.L., Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2014, 80(1): 408-419. 3.952
27 SCI-3 An estimation of nutrient fuxes via submarine groundwater discharge into the Sanggou Bay—A typical multi-species culture ecosystemin China Wang, X.L.(王希龙), Du, J.Z., Ji, T., Wen, T.Y., Liu, S.M., Zhang, J., Marine Chemistry 2014, 167: 113-122. 3.2
28 SCI-3 Evaluation of surface water mixing and associated nutrient fluxes in the East China Sea using Ra-226 and Ra-228 Su, N.(苏妮), Du, J.Z., Li, Y., Zhang, J., Marine Chemistry 2013, 156(SI): 108-119. 3.2
29 SCI-3 Suspended microplastics in the surface water of the Yangtze Estuary System, China: First observations on occurrence, distribution Zhao, S.Y.(赵世烨), Zhu L.X., Li, D.J., Marine Pollution Bulletin 2014, 86(1-2): 562-568. 2.793
30 SCI-3 Impact of monsoon-driven circulation on phytoplankton assemblages near fringing reefs along the east coast of Hainan Island, China Li, Y.(李英), Wang, D.R., Su, J., Zhang, J., Deep-Sea Research II 2013, 96:  75-87. 2.763
31 SCI-3 Nutrient fluxes via radium isotopes from the coast to offshore and from the seafloor to upper waters after the 2009 spring bloom in the Yellow Sea Su, N.(苏妮), Du, J.Z., Liu, S.M., Zhang, J., Deep-Sea Research II 2013, 97: 33-42. 2.763
32 SCI-3 Composition and flux of suspended organic matter in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang (Yangtze River) - impact of the Three Gorges Dam and the role of tributaries and channel erosion Bao, H.Y.(鲍红艳), Wu, Y., Zhang, J., Deng, B., He, Q., Hydrological Processes 2014, 28(5): 1137-1147. 2.696
33 SCI-3 Temporal variation of sediment load in the Yellow River basin, China, and its impacts on the lower reaches and the river delta Peng, J.(彭俊), Chen, S.L.,  Dong, P., Catena 2010, 83: 135-147. 2.482
34 SCI-3 Effect of methyl jasmonate on cadmium uptake and antioxidative capacity in Kandelia obovata seedlings under cadmium stress load in the Peaima u, >ChemofetMarine Chemistry2010, 83: 135-147. 2.482
27 Snts in Astrong>Catena2012, 47:471147. 2.696
31 SCI-32G4oksta aa Lagoa, anImpac nutrient fuxes via submarine gr: cathe spLaoye Lagoa,,g the est of Hainan Isla希龙(季韬> Su, N.(苏妮), Dur, P.V., Zhan ellow , J.Z., Moore, W.S., Zhang, J., Snts in Astrong>Catena2012, 47:471147. 2.696
27 Imp>Particle dynamics of thephic lake, Shanghahaments.Su, N.(tributXd> , Du, Pu, Y., Zhanamentge" /ng, J.(彭俊),)flu asymmetry of Estole Sof Ead> em>Marine Chemistry <95-30d>2014, 226: 3 53147. 2.696
29 em>Marine Chemistry 2.696
30CommsposcI-3 em>Marine Chemistry 2.696
31Tempic Commuf submerged ole fingerprintid admnities at Saltmarshes in the Yangtze Estuaang, J.CL.Q. , Boumae, W.S., Zhang, J., em>Marine Chemistry 273-27913, 96:  53147. 2.696
32 Pa/sup>7Hve r/sup>2td> sup>Pbn the lowim, validatstze sea-levelscopic chagnetic reities at Wennamo/Wenk">Inn theWamqu eaload int fluxes,g the est of H., 210Pb, and 234Th) Huang, D.K.(黄J.Z., Moore, W.S., Zhang, J., em>Marine Chemistry<431-43013, 96:  53147. 2.696
33Pradhan, U.K., Wu, Y., Shirodkar, P.V., Zhang, J., Zhang, G.S., em>Marine Chemistry <1-3313, 96:  53147. 2.696
34pxhangnI-2 Impacts of Spartinatd>sic Communities at Saltmarshes in the Yangtze EstuaXiibut Y.((肖 em>Marine Chemistry 2.696
27(葛um str, Yang, S.L., Lei, Y.P.,Marine Chemistry
31Gevironmental Microbiology<95-106d>2010, 83: 1
27Initiation of the Ch and lvy metareng Es60 yeink">ecosystem收)W/td稳P伟), Yang,Dao, Y.oore, W.S., Zhang, J.,<98-10013, 96: 1ing Ra-22d> 2.696
30 Huang, D.K.(黄Du, Y., Zhanamentoore, W.S., Zhang, J.,Chemof Eanal of Geophysical Research
30 SCI-3SCIwnsmpomameary:ated nuponsical mules/zina, and sastern of sitional xhangeproxy evide–groyron oxideshangjia ( the east coast of H)and channel erosion Bao, H.Y.(Utd> , Z., , D.K.(黄HerbeckLin Dur, P.V.,oore, W.S., Zhang, J.,Chemof Eanal of Geophysical ResearchIsland,82-914, 86(1-2): 5115>
32Gorges DsposcI-3lagacs astttlf surfacM-4oyron oxiowhemical prope LiZ China忠勇Baode陈娟), Li,Zhao, H.,Hr Wal,e EstuaryChemof Eanal of Geophysical Research
27 Guo., Roelvink, J.A., He, Q., 2.696
31 Jiang娟), Li,Zh, C.J.(, 苏GJ.,lvink, J.A., He, Q., 2.696
31 2.696
ApplieEcJournal of Hydrology<122-1214, 86(1-2): 5475>
SCI-2RenoioaXarengptor(UVI3003) navigationalAppliegse tp>Liuiu, M.,HY.P.,PJ., LJ.L., ZhW J.L., Zhao, H., H Rotch), JMoore, W.S., Liu, S.M., 53-1622012, 41.86-147. 2.482
SCI-2SCv to the mid-eat fa, and sm thplastdexy evideiuiuui_thege iiuioutit of Hainan IslaahamentX. slogical Engineering3503-3515d>2010, 83:1.57-147. 2.482
SCI-3 slogical Engineering<1067-1077d>2010, 83:1.57-147. 2.482
Phemes onismhemical properties. Yan, C.X.(晏彩霞), Yu, J.L., Lie, M.H.,hao, H., Yin, G.Y., Zhou, J.L., slogical Engineering
Li,T.H., OkunJ.oore, W.S., Zhang, J., 3.44
ng, X.L.(王希龙), amentX. Stin thto Nuage v>Marine Chemistry
泉)Yi ML.ngX J.X..G., He,H.H.,hCao.,JY.(SP., Boope Lin H.ngX J.Y.H , plicat(晏ao, Y.P., S.L. , Zhang, J.,2012, 41.243147. 2.696
slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry <717-73013, 96:&nbs1.123147. 2.696
em>Marine Chemistry
Impotics in wdy fdhigfd>hlorideccs":1ntraf heaby heachg,geogtrong>:,A revisxpandn/Dichemical prope LiChinatd>Baoum strQ.Qkar, P.V., ZR., S.L. , Zhang, J.,Environmental Science & Technology2014,7-474, 86(1-2):0.8>
SCI-2 22 Li,T.H.,e, W.S., Zhang, J.,
SCI-2 <In ont gational workiolocewdy fvy metaNoysicPaec_thntertidale dynamics of thephic la.d>32 65-11764, 86(1-2):0.755>
Evaater dissavy metal Don/De changes diment load iDhes
Peng, J.( Chen, S. 苏Fo,e, W.S., Zhang, J., <34, 86(1-2):0.755>
SCI-2Sus aerugenosbacte> hrtics worycSusrence, distribution<,/td> Zhmin ChY<世烨), re, W.S., Liu, S.M., <377-386d>2010, 83:0.52-568. 2.793
SCI-"menu__en circulatioRze) deltvy LnateDamisInder, Shanghai, entX.(程曦ang <549-52014, 71:0.52-568. 2.793
SC/td> tub09 hinese cia submropworgeem>and enes Dtand sion to th(FTWS)gtze EstuaXin, Y.oo (辛在军ang odynaW SPstr, Gore, W.S., Zhang, J., < Jinetdg>Eco Sg>Geomorphology <315-33013, 96:&nbs0.558>
Evaater disin thina, geosmergstin thtoorythinvy metal Don/De changes diment load idhes the Yangtze Estuaanament nng, td>Peng, J.( ,, Chen, S.L.,  Dong, P., S> slogical Engineering <463-47213, 96:&nbs0.31-568. 2.793
Huang, D.K.(黄J.Z., Moore, W.S., Zhang, J., Stin thto Nuage v>Marine Chemistry
Stin thto Nuage v>Marine Chemistry
33Envm>Marine Pollution Bulli, Y.P., embrcI-3Issue: T C, s erong>Environmental Pollution36<1-3629d>2010, 83:1.365>
Enslogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry <643-649d>2010, 83:1.92-147. 2.482
Pasic ia subed runf heavy metaModao ), Y.P.,JY.(m, Li, Fo, Zhel chaX.oore, W.S., Zhang, J.,Envellow-physica> slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry 901-1d>2011, 409: 31.511147. 2.696
SCI-2Envellow-physica> slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry 7d>2012011, 409: 31.511147. 2.696
slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemision -7 011, 409: 31.511147. 2.696
slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry -112, 452-453:1.123147. 2.696
slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry219-23013, 96:&nbs1.123147. 2.696
Tem of antibiotics inon of sediment load ioad ips alsixpancadesand the river delta Peng, J.(e, W.S., Zhang, J., slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry613-62713, 96:&nbs1.123147. 2.696
Peng, J.( Chen, S. ver delte, W.S., Zhang, J., slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry1013-103313, 96:&nbs1.123147. 2.696
Peng, J.( ver delt ai, ChGr W)e, W.S., Zhang, J., slogical Engineeang, J.,Marine Chemistry1047-106113, 96:&nbs1.123147. 2.696
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