Yu Lizhong

Job Title: 
Research Interests: 
Environmental Magnetism
Environmental Processes
Environmental Change and Sustainable Development
Zhongshan N. Road 3663,Shanghai 200062, China
Education Experience: 
D.Sc., University of Liverpool (1989)
Work Experience: 
Professor, ECNU (1994-)
Visiting Scholar, University of Liverpool, UK (1992, 1995, 2006)
1. A multivariate mixing model for identifying sediment source from magnetic measurements. Quaternary Research, 32,168-181, 1989.
2. Quantitative sediment source ascription using magnetic measurement in a reservoir-catchment system near Nijar, S.E. Spain. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 18, 441-454, 1993.
3. Urban Dimensions of Environmental Change: Science, Exposure, Policies, and Technologies. Science Press USA Inc., 2005.